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Currently experiencing low stock/no stock on all items. All sales are currently suspended; any orders placed will not be billed and the orders will be canceled. Once things get back on track I will start processing and shipping orders again. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Splice (large) 10P Female Connector (VVTI Igniter) 7M-GTE AFM Re-Wire Kit
Splice (large)
Our Price: $0.20
7M-GTE AFM Re-Wire Kit
Our Price: $60.00
7M-GTE Knock Sensor Re-Wire Kit 4P Male Connector 3P Female Connector (Map Sensor)
4P Male Connector
Our Price: $5.70
1P Female Connector - 7M Knock Sensor 2P Male Connector (R154 BUL) 4P Female Connector - JZ/UZ TPS