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Currently experiencing low stock/no stock on all items. All sales are currently suspended; any orders placed will not be billed and the orders will be canceled. Once things get back on track I will start processing and shipping orders again. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

5P Female Connector (KV AFM) Fail Box Eliminator (FBE) 1P Female Connector - Gauge Temp Sensor
Fail Box Eliminator (FBE)
Our Price: $400.00
7M-GTE AFM Re-Wire Kit 1P Female Connector - OLD Starter FredTech Lighting - MA70 Hatch Light Kit
7M-GTE AFM Re-Wire Kit
Our Price: $60.00
2P Female Connector (Top Slot Injector) 3P Female Connector (Map Sensor) 24P Pre-89 Supra ECU Connector