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Harness Re-Build Warranty

Harness re-build warranty:

Removal and installation of the engine wiring harness to be re-built/ re-built should be conducted by a professional. A Yotaconnectors re-built wiring harness comes with a 30 day warranty for the harness components only, a 20 day warranty for functionality of basic components, and a 1 year warranty for replaced connectors. If for whatever reason a replaced connector becomes damaged within the warranty period of 1 year Yotaconnectors will cover a one (1) time replacement of the damaged connector only. If for whatever reason the basic functionality of the harness is not achieved and proper tests are conducted confirming the re-built harness is at fault Yotaconnectors will cover shipping costs and repair costs of the harness within the warranty period of 20 days. Both 20 day and 30 day warranties start date shall be the same day in which the harness is shipped to the customer; extended shipping times may constitute a warranty extension of up to and not exceeding 15 days for the 20 day, 30 day, and 1 year warranties. Yotaconnectors will not cover any damages incurred to the harness by an improper installation of the wiring harness other than components noted above; nor will Yotaconnectors cover any damages to any persons or vehicles incurred from an improper wiring harness installation other than the components noted above. Yotaconnectors will not cover any damages incurred to the harness or vehicle or any persons after the 30 days of the warranty has expired.


Completing a purchase is defined as: When a customer adds the service to their cart and payment of the order including the service is completed.

Re-build/ Re-built is defined as: Reconditioning and restoring an engine wiring harness, many existing components such as connectors, pins, seals, and wires may be left as is if deemed the condition meets our quality specifications. Some connectors simply cannot be replaced and as such, the existing pins, seals, and wires may be re-used and re-purposed in the re-build process.

Functionality of basic components is defined as: The ECU will power on with the key in the “on” position. The ignition/ fuel system has power where appropriate (injectors & coils) with the key in the “on” position. The starter will energize with the key in the “start” position only (note; this function is only covered on the harness itself, any components outside of the harness causing a no start condition will not be covered).

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